Improving Your Home Inside and Out

Emerson Blodgett LLC has been in business for over 20 years! We provide a variety of home improvement and landscaping services for commercial and residential projects. Our services include retaining walls, windows, drainage problems, indoor and outdoor painting, sprinkler systems, and so much more!

We’re passionate about what we do. So when you’ve been in business as long as we have, you develop an expertise that enables you to get it right the first time.

Don’t waste your time on DIY landscaping jobs. Mistakes can be pricey. Get it right the first time by hiring us.

Areas of Service

We have turned numerous homes and commercial properties into works of art. Just ask our clients. They’ve come to rely on our expertise, talent, and work ethic. We have high standards. And that’s why our customers expect only the highest quality of work from us.

We hit the mark. We’re quick. We don’t leave a mess.

From the very beginning of each project, we commit to effective planning, good time

management, and solid execution. Our services include outdoor living options, retaining walls, hardscape, landscape, concrete pavers, sprinkler systems, drainage problems, windows, indoor and outdoor painting, and so much more!

Call us today at 256-509-4334 to get a free estimate.

We will do such a great job, we’ll be the first ones you call back!

Big Project

We are no strangers to attacking the big, complicated projects. Some of our commercial clients have long to-do lists for us. We’re not scared of huge lots. In fact, we welcome every challenge that comes our way! We’re confident in our experience and talent to exceed your expectations and hit our deadline.

Little Project

Maybe you don’t want anything elaborate. If you want something very basic and clean for your yard, that’s fine! We can do that too. There’s no project that’s too small for us. Even if you need minimal work done or if you have a small yard, don’t be shy.

 Give us a call, and let’s discuss your needs.


From big, to small, and everything in-between – we’re ready to jump in and transform your space. Maybe your house is much bigger than the average. You might not require as much attention as a commercial property, but your yard is no walk in the park. You can count on us!